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FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 3:00am EDT
foreign policy. strong guy. terrorism doesn't begin and end with osama bin laden. he knows that, and now he does. he takes down the foreign policy creds. >> what is his strong point? >> sherrod is right about one thing. when you go out there and you say this is about a movie, about a movie enough times, your average voter who is not watching the news all the time buys into that. >> i am disagreeing with the motive. >> it was effective, but the motive was to help his election. >> they easily could have gone gone -- they could have said from the start which is what they should have said, we don't know and we are investigating. but they came out and made it clear, this happened because of the video. they were not trying to hedge anything. and now it comes out as most people figured out from the start that that's not true, but it doesn't seem to be making them look -- >> that would have been the coincidence of a lifetime that they broke in there on 9/11. >> they were protecting the people on the ground. >> are you giving me that too? if -- >> you wouldn't need to lie. you would just say
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 3:00am EDT
upcoming election. >> jobs. >> marriage equality. >> foreign policy. >> women's reproductive rights. >> immigration. >> taxes,. >> we should pay teachers, really pay them. >> better education. >> here is what we want you to do. in 30 seconds or less, make a video telling us what is important to you. >> and we'll make uh star. just kidding. >> some of your tweets, pictures, videos. >> will be incorporated. >> knock us out and we will put if it in. >> go to facebook dosh. >> and vote for stuff in 2012. >> if you are rihanna, you can get under my umbrella. >> he is hilarious. it is like they are speaking to me as if i was a 14-year-old at a skate park. how important is it speak to young voters in a language they understand. >> i am thinking of suing because it reminds me of the campaign i put out in support of snuff films. vote for snuff, lol. i am glad we got to watch the entire thing. who edits things? just let it play. >> we watched two minutes of crap. all i wanted was the last part. the psa has some of your favorite actors. there is serena efron 1k3* zach gomez. i know you follow
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 12:00am PDT
we are an am ambivalent nation. we are more interested in football play than foreign policy. >> every time there is a story there is a burst of outrage. >> are you right. and you are helping me plug my book, the joy of hate which is about manufactured outrage. >> is that coming on sale soon? >> less than two months. but it is a good point. my point is on one side you have manufactured outrage and the other you have none. >> from amazon it is coming on sale november 13th. >> amazon is the nickname of the new intern. >> she is squating below my desk right now. >> you have children. >> that's how i got them. >> if i could ask, what is the key ingredient, bill, in pepper spray. >> that would be pepper and spray. >> water. >> it is capasan. does anybody want to guess where it comes from. >> a chilly pepper. katie when did you graduate from college? >> i am not telling you. >> i graduated with katie in 1991. >> nice, you asked a question that cops are sprayed and training. >> it is an active process. you get spraird and then go through an obstacle. it is basically to fight your way through
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
idea how to do a better job. i presume he will do that and then also make the point about the foreign policy. it was a lousy few weeks. >> the problem is, it is about domestic policy. it is poor timing. they won't even be able to talk about it. >> chris jansing. >> get him out of here. >> start with the m-word and keep going. >> joe thisy keep talking about how they #r* equiping romney with a bunch of zingers which are a delightful sthak cake but i don't know about -- snack cake but i don't know about jokes. it is difficult to force somebody to do jokes that doesn't usually do jokes? look at me. >> it is sad. can we get you two to not act like weird androids and act like a human being? obama is practicing with john kerry portraying romney which is interesting. i looked and they both have the same net worth of over $200 million. and i don't remember when kerry is running for president. was i asleep? >> didn't he marry that money? it was blood money because ketchup is red. bill, you have been covering presidential debates for four minutes. what is the key? >> the key is jokes and lots o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)